Google Pixel 2 UK release DATE, UK Price and SpeCs: Google Pixel 2 set for October LAUNCH !!!

Good news Pixel fans! Google finally confirmed the launch date of the solid Pixel 2, and it will come faster than you expected. In a blog post on the Made by Google website, the firm announced a scheduled Google event, written in pencil for October 4th. Recognize that date? Last year Google Pixel was launched on the same day. Accidental? I do not think so.

The news comes as Apple has just launched its 2017 flagships trio. Yes, you've heard it right - three iPhones were launched this year. The first is the iPhone X - a special birthday edition of the Apple smartphone lineup, complete with 18: 9 screens, dual rear camera and Face ID security. The other two - iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - are not so fancy, but offer a much cheaper alternative than the high price of iPhone X. If you want to read more about the latest Apple, we have gathered all the important details in one practical article.

In other words, with the launch of Google Pixel 2 on the horizon, here's a few bits of important information you need to know about the forthcoming carrier Google, including UK release dates, UK pricing, specifications, design and fancy features.

Google Pixel 2 UK release date, UK price and specs: Google Pixel 2 set for October launch

Google Pixel 2: Everything you need to know

The rumors about Google Pixel 2 have started to circulate, hot during Google Pixel's debut in October 2016. Although no one has been confirmed about Google Pixel 2, there are some strong rumors, with reports showing an increase in cameras, higher prices and the "budget" handset is available.

Much of Google Pixel 2's original suggestion comes from Stephen Hall of 9to5Google and its anonymous source. Hall sources suggest that the Pixel 2 camera will be the focal point, as it did with the first Pixel, but also claims that the new version is tested with better chipsets from two different manufacturers, including a dedicated chipset designed by Google.

Google Pixel 2 UK release date, UK price and specs: Google Pixel 2 set for October launch

Our review of the original Google Pixel found that it was not completely perfect, citing the lack of waterproofing as a flaw. According to Google reports, waterproofing "is still on the table" but not guaranteed.

Google Pixel 2 launch date and price: English
The latest Pixel iteration will be announced on October 4, 2017. After getting no official confirmation from Google, we can still assume that Pixel 2 will be launched at the event - as Google's landing page hears: "Thinking of changing phones? For more on 4 October. "

Price wise, expect the new Pixel 2 to retail around £ 600. Considering the first Google Pixel phone that sold for £ 599, we expect a winning price to follow.

Google Pixel 2: Design

The original Pixel phone was a great all-rounder, but it didn’t have an outstanding look. It’s too early yet to speculate on what changes will come to the Google Pixel 2 and whether Google will respond to criticisms of its “dull” smartphone design.

Google Pixel 2 UK release date, UK price and specs: Google Pixel 2 set for October launch

Interestingly, one source has suggested that Google will offer a budget version of the Google Pixel 2, reporting that they’re currently testing prototypes referred to as “Pixel 2B”.

A more affordable phone version will be marketed to more budget conscious buyers; it will probably target people who want to prestige the name of Google but do not want to pay through the nose for it.

Maybe we also see the removal of fingerprint sensor for face recognition, as did Apple with their new iPhone X? Potentially.

Google Pixel 2: Specifications and features

The Google Pixel 2 camera is set to be the main focal point of the handset, just as we see with the original Google Pixel. Google sources tell them that Google places emphasis on high quality light photography (again, the features we see in the first Pixel). Apparently, the camera will not lose with megapixelnya, but will make up for it with additional features such as Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

9to5Google initially reported that Pixel 2 would be "definitely" waterproof - a welcome upgrade to the phone (we mentioned the lack of waterproofing as one of the original Pixel counter). However, recent reports from them claim that in an effort to reduce costs, Google has to choose between fixing a fantastic camera Pixel, or making a waterproof handset. Source Hall assumes that waterproofing "is still on the table", however, and considering that its absence is one of the main deficiencies of the original Pixel, it will be an oversight to eliminate that important feature. Expect IP68 rating as a minimum, though. This will make Pixel 2 waterproof and dust.

Google Pixel 2 UK release date, UK price and specs: Google Pixel 2 set for October launch

We expect multiple storage options, with Pixel 2 entry level shipping with 64GB (up from 32GB models last year), and large 128GB variants as well. It says that Google will use Snapdragon 835 processor, which is the same processor used on the current flagship phone, such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30.

However, Evan Blass, the famous tipter anticipates Snapdragon 836, which will result in Google's competitors with little performance tweaks. Considering the original Pixel was shipped with the 821, a step forward from the year 820, which at the time was the best processor that Qualcomm offered - apparently Evan Blass, probably not far from the truth.

With regard to upgraded specifications, while it has been reported that there will be no new Daydream View headset by 2017, we can safely anticipate that the introduced specifications will include VR nods, especially given Google's new technological advances.

We will update this page and as we learn more about Google Pixel 2.

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