[Fixed] GUIDE To Redmi Note 4 Stuck At Mi Logo | Gone Into BootlO0P

I'll read this post if Redmi Note 4 is stuck in the MI Logo or you would like to find out what Redmi Note 4 Bricked can do with the MI Logo, so I'm here to help you, and for your information this way I'll be explaining this to All Note Redmi 4 Snapdragon Variant Not Matter is 2GB / 32GB, 3GB / 32GB or 4GB / 64GB, all Redmi Note 4 Indian version can be found this way.

Just follow these steps to Unbrick Redmi Note 4, if you have entered Boootloop, first I explain to you that what can cause Redmi Note 4 Trapped in the MI Logo, when your Redmi Note 4 Bootloader is Unlocked and you think you need it for Flash Custom Recovery Like TWRP, and you are thinking of Root Your Redmi Note 4, at that moment if you make a mistake or lose any steps, or sometimes you blame File on Your Redmi Note 4, then Your Redmi Note 4 will be stuck in the logos and will not boot.

[Fixed] GUIDE To Redmi Note 4 Stuck At Mi Logo | Gone Into BootlO0P

How to Fix Redmi Notes 4 Stuck At Mi Logo


  • Required Redmi Note 4 USB Drivers Should Be installed on Your PC
  • Unlocked Bootloader                               
  • Fastboot ROM of Redmi Note 4 : Download Here
  • MiFlash Tool : Click Here to Download
  • And Of course A Redmi Note 4 Device

How to Install MiFlash Tool Follow this Guide

Now Run Process To Unload Brickmic Redmi Note 4 in Mi Logo
After Downloading All Files Up, install the Mi Flash Tool on your PC.
Now it's time to extract Fastboot ROM from Redmi Note 4, Please read all the instructions carefully.

Just locate the file 

mido_global_images_V8.1.15.0.MCFMIDI_20170216.0000.00_6.0_global_2ba4e9a900, as this is a Fastboot ROM for Redmi Note 4, and Extract Some Places of New Folder or Folder itself, now go to the Extract Folder, you will find Extracted Files, now Rename the File and and Give it a Name like gambar_V8.1.15.0.MCFMIDI.zip, Make sure to add .zip to File.

Now Extract this File in any folder or Folder Name itself, Now Open the Extracted Folder, and You Will Find Another Folder There, With the Same Name images_V8.1.15.0.MCFMIDI, Copy This Folder and Paste it in C: \ (Paste the Folder to Drive C from your PC).

Now Open the MiFlash Tool, With Right Click, and Click Run as Administrator,
Now Boot Your Redmi Note 4 into Fastboot Mode, By Emphasizing Volume Down + Power Button Simultaneously up to 5 seconds,

Now Connect Your Device to your PC, and Go to MiFlash Tool, and click on the Refresh button, then you will show some kind of string, it means it has detected your Redmi Note 4 device,

Now Click on the Select Button on the Top Left Side of the MiFlash Tool, Now Go to Your C Drive from Your Laptop and Select the folder images_V8.1.15.0.MCFMIDI.

Now Pay Attention to the following picture when I will explain something, you should know before continuing this Fastboot Flash ROM in Note Redmi Note 4 of your Device.

Option 1- If You Want to Flash the ROM without saving your user data (a Fresh Install)
Option 2- if You Want to Save Your User Data (Best Option As Per My Experience)
Option 3- it will Wipe all Your Data and also it will Lock Your Boot loader (Do Not Choose This One)

So Choose the right option to suit your Needs, but I suggest you to use Option 2 because it will Save all Apps and Apps of your Data and All things.

[Fixed] GUIDE To Redmi Note 4 Stuck At Mi Logo | Gone Into BootlO0P

Now just click on the Flash Button on the Top Right Side of the MiFlash Tool, and it will start Flashing Your Device, and Show the Progress, Do not Shake Your Device Until Sending Flashing Done,

After Flashing Done, Redmi Notes 4 Your Device Will Be Engineered Alone, be patient for more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Now Will Boot Successfully, Enjoy Your Unbricked Redmi Note 4, You have saved Redmi Notes 4 that Go to Bootloop.



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