[Unlock Oppo A1601] Oppo F1s Pattern Unlock Without Losing Data Work 100% Succes

Oppo F1s Pattern Unlock Without Losing Data [Unlock Oppo A1601]

Do you want to unlock the Android phone pattern of Oppo F1s A1601? If yes, then you've landed in the right place. Here is a quick post detail to learn "how to unlock Oppo F1s A1601 without losing data?"

Yes, if you forget your Pattern key or Pin key and the device asks you to enter the correct PIN or you can not reset the factory from recovery mode then this tutorial can be very helpful to you. Just download Miracle 2.58 for free as Oppo F1s unlock tool and follow the steps as shown below.

No need to buy premium tools like UMT dongle to unlock Oppo F1s phones. Free Miracle 2.58 without a box can do it for you easily.

Basically the Oppo F1s A1601 is a chipset-based Android phone [MTK], so we can read the key of the Oppo F1s pattern with the Miracle 2.58 tool.

[Unlock Oppo A1601] Oppo F1s Pattern Unlock Without Losing Data

About - How to Unlock A1601 Key Pattern Oppo without losing data
Brands & Models - Oppo F1s A1601

Chipset - Mediatek MT6755 or MTK7650

Tool - Miracle 2.58 F1 Oppo unlock tool

Success Rate - 100% work and tested

Benefits Of This Tutorial

  1. Unlock Key Pattern Oppo F1s
  2. Unlock the Oppo F1s A1601 key without any loss of data
  3. Unable to reset the Oppo F1s factory and then use this method.
  4. Read the lock pattern MTK Oppo F1s mobile
  5. No need to buy a premium tool to unlock monshmallow Oppo F1 phone.
  6. Unlock Oppo f1s without flashing firmware.
  7. Option f1s Oppo pattern file is not required.
  8. Unlock FRP Lock Oppo f1s.

How to Read the Oppo F1s Pattern Key [Unlock Oppo F1s A1601]

If you will use UMT tools to unlock Oppo F1, then we are not sure data will be deleted or not. However, by using Miracle 2.58 you can read the device pattern lock without losing personal data and mobile data.

Any noob or advanced user can try this method to unlock their monshmallow Oppo f1s A1601 phone itself.

Let's start the process and read the key chipset of the cellphone based MTK chipset Oppo F1s.

Download Oppo F1s Unlock Tool and Driver

Miracle Free 2.58 Without the Box - DOWNLOAD


  • First download and install the MTK [VCOM] Driver on the computer. [Skip step, if installed]
  • Disable anti-virus and extract Miracle 2.58 downloads on the desktop. Otherwise, it will delete the exe setup file.
  • Now launch Miracle 2.58 as administrator.
  • Now it's time to configure Miracle 2.58 to unlock the Oppo F1s pattern. For this …
  • Go to the "MTK" tab >> Unlock & Fix >> check on Read Patterns
  • Select Boot as booting [MT65xx & MT67xx / 8127] from the drop down. [Step should be]
  • Again set the sections below on the optional "Universal".
  • Finally press the "START" button.

[Make sure you have configured the tool as shown above.]

[Unlock Oppo A1601] Oppo F1s Pattern Unlock Without Losing Data

  • Ok now comes to the device and its power properly.
  • This step is very important. Press & Hold Volume up key + power button + plug USB cable at the same time. If everything is ok, the tool will detect the device automatically, otherwise press the boot button again.
  • Once the tool detects your oppo f1s locked, the process of reading the pattern lock will begin and in just a few minutes, it will show the pattern key as a numeric number
Example- 2587 [pattern image by number and unlock your device]

[Unlock Oppo A1601] Oppo F1s Pattern Unlock Without Losing Data

All completed

Key Pattern Oppo F1s A1601 Read Do by Miracle 2.58

[Unlock Oppo A1601] Oppo F1s Pattern Unlock Without Losing Data

Q & A About Reading Key Patterns Of Oppo F1s
Q1 Is root needed to read password on Oppo F1s phone?

Ans. No, root is not required. The method works on rooted and non-rooted devices perfectly.

Q2 USB debugging must be in F1 oppo to unlock using magic box.

Ans. Read the pattern lock with or without enabling USB debugging.

Q3 this method will erase mobile data or not?

Ans. No, read oppo f1s password without losing data.

It's all about unlocking F1 Oppo without losing data? Just use Miracle 2.58 for free and read your phone key Oppo f1s pattern.

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