Guide and Tutorial To Install TWRP Recovery And Root MOTO G6 ALI

This is a simple guide just follow it carefully and you are ready to go. We will use the fastboot method to install TWRP Recovery and then we will root on the device. There are many models of MOTO G6 that check for complete posts for supported models and procedures.

TWRP stands for Team-Win Recovery Project. We all know that, TWRP recovery and rooting of your smartphone are useful for many scenarios. However, for those who are new, let's look at some cool things that TWRP can do and the rooting feature. Thanks to XDA Developers DEJELLO and other members for TWRP and Boot images.

Benefits of Installing TWRP Recovery And Root MOTO G6:

  • With rooting you can easily remove bloatware built into the smartphone. Clear some space by deleting some unnecessary bloatware.
  • Get some real backup using apps like Titanium backup, etc. You can also modify some system settings such as build.prop file. Rooting has many advantages; you will know.
  • TWRP allows us to root and unrooting devices easily. Only with flash SuperSu we can eradicate smartphone.
  • The most important and beloved features are the CUSTOM ROM. This is a very important feature, or we can say it as a big advantage of TWRP recovery.
  • You can turn your phone to full speed with overclocking and also you can do some underclocking.
  • The Xposed feature is also an advantage of TWRP. Let's customize your phone's stock ROM easily and simply. There are more features but let's go to our topic.
Guide and Tutorial To Install TWRP Recovery And Root MOTO G6 ALI

Supported Device:-

  • MOTO G6 
  • XT1925-2- International
  • XT1925-3 Brazil
  • XT1925-4
  • XT1925-5 UK/EUR
  • XT1925-6 Unlocked US/Canada


  • Enable OEM Unlock, USB Debugging from this LINK.
  • Install Driver from Here.

Downloads Section:

Boot Images:

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery And Root MOTO G6 ALI:

1.) First Read Preparation Unlock Bootloader Download Required File.

2.) Download "adb-fastboot-tool-2016.zip" unzip it Download TWRP recovery for your phone.

3.) Rename the TWRP IMG recovery file "XXXXXX.img" to "recovery.img" and copy it to the adb-fastboot-tool-2016 folder.

4.) Open the cmd window in the adb-fastboot-tool-2016 folder with Shift + Mouse Right-click.

5.) Connect your phone to PC.

6.) Now paste this command on command window and hit enter to reboot your phone into bootloader (fastboot) mode.

fastboot boot recovery.img

7.) Now hit the Bootloader command.

adb reboot bootloader

7.) Now flash the correct boot image as per your device by hitting this command.

fastboot flash boot .img

7.) Flash TWRP by using this command.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

This is not it. You need to do the Verity Disabler ZIP flashing. Don’t disconnect your phone from PC. Download ForceEncryption ZIP from download section to your PC.

You need to take backup if you want to go back to full stock again. Hit the following command in the ADB to take backup.

adb pull /vendor/etc/fstab.qcom factory-fstab.qcom

Now you have to move the Force Encryption ZIP to TEMP directory do it by hitting this below command.

adb push Force_Encryption_Disabler_For_ALI_Oreo_v2.zip /tmp

Now boot to TWRP and Go to INSTALL - find the ZIP file you sent earlier and flash.

You can check it successfully or not. Press the command below and if it says incubated, instead of FORCE ENCRYPTED, it is finished. Now move towards rooting.

Guide To Root MOTO G6:-

  • Download “Magisk.Zip” copy it to the phone.
  • Turn off your phone and turn into recovery mode By Volume Down + Power.
  • Now Allow Modifications “Swipe to Allow Modifications” allow it.
  • Go to Install Navigate to 
  • Magisk.Zip
  • Swipe to install.
  • Reboot your device.

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