Guide To Install TWRP Recovery and Root Huawei Mate SE Oreo

Finally, the official TWRP Huawei Mate SE is available for download and time to rooting and adjusting Mate SE. We have written many Huawei, mobile Honor rooting the method with magisk and now we will show you how the Huawei Mate SE Oreo EMUI 8.0 and Android 7.0 EMUi Root 5.1. TWRP 3.2 by Pretoriano80 is still under development but supports flashing zip files, TWRP recovery works for Huawei Mate SE. In this guide, we will show the Huawei Mate SE rooting guide and the twrp installation guide..

Rooting Pro and Cons

After Rooting Huawei Mate SE you can modify your device, but start the guide after you have finished backing up the device, and one thing the warranty will cancel after rooting the device. Following are some of the benefits of Rooting, you can delete EMUI bloatware, System Applications after Huawei Mate SE Root. Change EMUI fonts and themes, customize mobile phones by installing root applications, modify devices with magisk modules and more. Also, you can hide root access on certain applications with the help of Magisk Systemless App. Let's start the guide.

How to Root Huawei Mate SE

The only way to Root Huawei Mate SE is via Magisk because SuperSu stops the deployment of their applications and SuperSu 2.82 does not support EMUI 8.0. So you need the latest Magisk and TWRP Recovery to flash magsik zip, but the first thing you have to do is open the bootloader key. Huawei Has stopped providing bootloaders opening code from their website, So now you have to get the code by mail at mobile@Huawei.com & huaweifans@huawei.com or customer support or using a paid tool. After you get the code, you are ready to rooting and installing TWRP.


  • Before starting the rooting process do a complete backup, your device includes Apps, Contacts, Messages, Gallery file, Internal Storage Files.
  • Charge the device for interrupt installing.
  • Install Huawei Driver
  • Enable Developer Options, USB Debugging, OEM Unlock to connect your device in ADB, fastboot mode.
  • Unlock Bootloader the bootloader of Huawei Mate SE to flash twrp ⇒ Method 1 Official / Method 2 Paid.
  • Download Required Files and Read Guide.

Download TWRP recovery for Huawei Mate SE

TWRP ⇒  Mate TWRP_3.2

Magsik ⇒ Magisk 16 or Moded Magisk for EMUI 8.0

Huawei Mate SE Root and TWRP installation Guide

1. First, read Pre-requisites unlock bootloader, Download ADB & fastboot, TWRP, and magisk.

2. Connect your device to the pc copy TWRP file to ADB & fastboot folder or use System Wide fastboot/ADB method.

3. Now open command promotes to the TWRP folder by Hold Shift + Mouse Right Click and types the command one by one.

adb reboot bootloader

  • This command will reboot your device into fastboot mode, or you can do manually by hold Volume Down + Connect USB cable. 
fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk mate-se-twrp_3.2.img

for Android 7.0

fastboot flash recovery mate-se-twrp_3.2.img

  • This one will flash twrp recovery on your device.

4. Reboot the device by hold power button or fastboot reboot command.

Flash Magsik and Get Root Access

  1. Once you complete the twrp installation now, you can root the device by flash Magsik Download any one of Magsik from the download section.
  2. Copy the Magsik zip to internal storage or SD Card and switch of the device.
  3. Turn your phone into TWRP Recovery by Hold Volume Up + Power (Release Power Key after Android Logo or Huawei Logo).
  4. In TWRP, do not allow for modifications. tap on “Keep Read Only”
  5. Go To install and navigate to magisk zip ⇒ Swipe To Install.
  6. Back and reboot the device.
  7. Open magisk app and verify root access and safety net check (Install Magsik Manager Apk if magisk app is missing).

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