How To Root Essential Phone And Install TWRP Recovery

After a long wait, TWRP Recovery for Essential Phone is now available. So now you can easily root on Important Phones and install custom ROMs and more. Now you can easily install the fast root package using TWRP recovery.

Here we share the "Official TWRP for Important Phones (PH-1)" which will make it easier to root the Important Phone (PH-1). First, we will install TWRP recovery using ADB. If you have an Important Phone and you want to install TWRP Recovery on your device and do Root Essential Phone (PH-1). Then you are in the right place.

Install TWRP Recovery and Root Essential Phone

Before doing all these processes first, it is necessary to open the bootloader key from the Essential Phone. Without opening the bootloader key, you cannot root or install TWRP on your device. Open the bootloader key from Important Phone (PH-1) first then follow the guide below.

After installing TWRP recovery on the device, you can easily install the latest magisk on the Essential Phone for root access. If you want to install any custom ROMs or mods, you need to install TWRP Recovery and root access. Here we provide the official TWRP v3.2.3-0 for Important Phones (PH-1). So, let's go to the steps below to Root Essential Phone and Install TWRP Recovery.

How To Root Essential Phone And Install TWRP Recovery


  • Charge your device, minimum 70%.
  • Backup your important data, in case remove all data.
  • Install USB Driver from Here.
  • Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Essential device.

Go to settings ⇒ About phone ⇒ Tap on “build number” 7 times to enable developer options.
Go to your settings ⇒ Developer options ⇒ tick the “ USB debugging ” checkbox.
  • Download the below files then read the guide.

Download Essential Phone TWRP Recovery

Install TWRP For Essential Phone:

1.) Make sure your device bootloader must be unlocked.

2.) Download “adb-fastboot-tool-2018.zip” extract it in a desktop.

  • Download TWRP img from above.
3.) Rename TWRP recovery IMG file “twrp-3.2.3-0-mata.img” to “recovery.img” and copy to adb-fastboot-tool-2018 Folder.

4.) Open cmd windows in adb-fastboot-tool-2018 folder by Shift + Mouse Right click.

How To Root Essential Phone And Install TWRP Recovery

5.) Connect your device to the PC, make sure USB Debugging is enabled.

6.) Find the active partition of your device (it has two, A and B) following command:

adb shell getprop ro.boot.slot_suffix
7.) Notice the letter at the end of the result. It would be either of _a and _b. If it’s _a, then your active partition is A, and if it’s _b, then it’s B. Take note of it because we will need to change the active partition below and use the appropriate letter in the commands below

8.) Now Reboot your Nokia 8 in Bootloader Mode, using this command.

adb reboot bootloader
9.) Change the active partition. If your device uses partition A, you will need to set the B partition to active using the following command:

  • Set active partition from A to B: fastboot –set-active=_b
  • Set active partition from B to A: fastboot –set-active=_a
10.) Once your device in fastboot mode, Now paste this command on command window and hit enter to install TWRP recovery temporary.

fastboot boot recovery.img
11.) Select “Keep Read Only” button and change the active partition again from within TWRP. From TWRP’s home screen, tap on Reboot button, and then choose the originally active partition (that you got in step 6 above).

12.) That’s it to install TWRP permanently install official TWRP.zip file using TWRP. If you want to Root Essential Phone then follow the guide below.

  • If you don’t want to root your device then install the lazyflasher file using TWRP to prevent the device from boot looping.

Essential Phone Root

  • Download Magisk zip, copy it to the Internal Storage or external storage.
  • Turn off your phone and turn into recovery mode By Volume UP + Power.
  • Now Don’t Allow Modifications.
  • Go to Install Navigate to Magisk.zip Swipe to install.
  • Reboot your phone.

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