How To Root Moto Z2 Play with Magisk and Install TWRP Recovery on Oreo

Good news for Moto Z2 Play users The official Twrp Recovery is now available for Moto Z2 Play created by xda forum members, which means you can root your device. Motorola also includes Moto Z2 Play on their bootloader opening website so you can unlock the bootloader too, you can open the bootloader from the Motorola developer website, we have a guide for this. Tweet recovery is still in development mode, but you can flash magisk with it and root the device. We will show you How to install TWRP Recovery on Moto Z2 Play and How to Root Moto Z2 Play with magisk.

Rooting Pro and Cons

After Rooting Moto Z2 Play the series phone You can be able to modify your device, but before starting the guide do a complete backup, and one thing the warranty will cancel after rooting the device. Here are some of the benefits of Rooting, you can delete stock bloatware, System Apps after Rooting the device. Change fonts and themes, customize cellphones by installing the root application, Mod devices with magisk modules and more. Also, you can hide root access on certain applications with the help of Magisk Systemless App. Let's start the guide.

How to Root Moto Z2

The only way to Root Moto Z2 Play via Magisk is because SuperSu stops distributing their applications and SuperSu 2.82 doesn't support Oreo. So you need the latest Magisk and TWRP Recovery to flash magsik zip, but the first thing you have to do is open the bootloader key. You can unlock the bootloader with our Guide.

How To Root Moto Z2 Play with Magisk and Install TWRP Recovery on Oreo

Supported Devices:

  • Moto Z2 Play, Moto Z Play 2th Gen Oreo, Nougat


  • Before starting the rooting process do a complete backup, your device includes Applications, Contacts, Messages, Gallery files, Internal Storage Files.
  • Charge the device to install interruptions.
  • Install the Moto Driver.
  • Enable Developer Options, USB Debugging, OEM Unlock to connect your device in ADB, fast boot mode.
  • Unlock the Moto Z2 Play the bootloader ⇒ How to Unlock the Motorola Mobile Bootloader
  • Download the TWRP file for the Latest Quick Tool and Bip-Fastboot Reader Guide.

Download TWRP for Moto Z2 Play and Root Files, ADB Tool


Unofficial TWRP ⇒ twrp-3.2.3-0-albus.img

Root Files ⇒ Latest Magisk

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Moto Z2 Play

1. First, read the Prerequisites for opening a bootloader, Download ADB & fast boot, and Recovery TWRP.

Download the TWRP file one of them and rename it to recovery.img.
2. Connect your device to TWRP PC copy file to ADB & fast boot folder.

3. Now open the promote command to ADB & fastboot folder by holding Shift + Mouse Right-click and type commands one by one.

adb reboots the bootloader

This command will reboot your device into fast boot mode.

4. To flash TWRP Recovery, copy this command to the cmd window and press enter.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

5. This command will install TWRP recovery on Moto Z2 Play. Do not reboot the device instead of booting the device into twrp recovery mode and enter root step with this command.

fastboot boot recovery.img

How to Root Moto Z2 Play in Oreo with Magisk

1. After you have completed the twrp installation now, you can root the device with flash (Latest Magisk) Download the latest Magisk from the downloads section.

2. Download  Magsik zip, Copy to internal storage or SD Card.

3. In TWRP, Tap cancel if TWRP asks for a password to decrypt.

4. Leave it for modification. With Swipe to Allow Modification.

5. Go to Wipe and Do Wipe Data and Factory Reset.

6. Go back and enter the recovery menu and tap "Reboot Recovery"

7. Go to install and navigate to Magsik zip ⇒ Swipe to install.

8. Return and reboot the device.


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