How To install TWRP Root Unlock Bootloader Meizu M5 Note

The previous year Meizu lanched a new flagship killer device, the Meizu M6 Note, Meizu one of the biggest brands in China, they gave us a good budget device. Many people have already bought this smarpthone. Good news for the Meizu m6 Note User. now you can install TWRP recovery on the Meizu M6 Note. Today I saw "TWRP For Meizu M6 Note" and a Guide to "root Meizu M6 Note" on the XDA forum. Here we share the complete Guide to opening the Bootloader, installing TWRP, and Root Meizu M6 Note.

Here we Eill guide install TWRP Recovery Meizu M6 Note. Also Root Meizu M6 Note Via Magisk with a Simple Guide. if you have Meizu M6 Note you can install TWRP Recovery on your Device and root it. Meizu device comes with the bootloader. So Without unlocking boootloader , you Couldn't customize any things so firts "Unlock bootloader Meizu M6 Note"

After Launching Meizu M6 note Already Started to Develop Many Mods, custom ROM and much ROM at XDA forum. if you want custom ROM or any mod then need to install TWRP Recovery and Root Access This is not an Official TWRP For Meizu M6 note. So let's go To The Steps below to unlock bootloader, Install TWRP Recovery And Root Meizu M6 Note.

We All know that before or install TWRP, we need to unlock Meizu M6 Note Bootloader, But here we firts install TWRP recovery then patch the Boot file, So follow Complete Guide before the process

how To install TWRP Root Unlock Bootloader Meizu M5 Note

Preparion : 

  • Charege you device, Minimum 50%
  • Backup you important data, All internal memory can be encrypted
  • Read Guide

Downloads :

Guide install TWRP For Meizu M6 Note : 

  • Download Meizu M6note crack TWRP 3.2.1 APK 
  • Install the App in your device and open
  • Now flash TWRP recovery from the App
  • Once Done, reboot to recovery mode
  • The Click on Backup > and backup of the partition devinfo
  • After that Reboot you device

  Unlock Meizu M6 Note Bootloader : 

  • Download Bootpatch Devinfo and exrackt 
  • The Copy the file to TWRP Backups folder in SD card
  • Now Reboot > select The File That you Copy right Now
  • After That Reboot you Device And Enjoy Fulll Access

 Root Meizu M6 Note:  

  • Download Magisk Zip, Copy it to the Internal Storage or External Storage
  • Turn Off your Phone and Turn into recovery mode by Volume UP + Power 
  • Now Don't allow modifitacions
  • Go To install Navigate to Magisk Zip Swipe to Install
  • Rebot you Phone
  • On read the Guide on our Magisk Article

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