Guide To Root Nokia 3.2 with Magisk Patched Boot Loader Image

Akhirnya, metode rooting tersedia untuk Nokia 3.2. Di sini kita akan menggunakan alat Flash ADB dan Magisk untuk me-root-nya. Ini berarti Anda dapat melakukan root pada Nokia 3.2 tanpa TWRP Recovery. Untuk memaksimalkan kinerjanya dan mengontrol file sistem Anda dapat melakukan root pada perangkat Anda. Magisk adalah cara sempurna untuk melakukan rooting pada perangkat Android Anda dan di sini kami membagikan metode mudah untuk menginstal Magisk resmi di Nokia 3.2. Artikel ini akan membantu Anda untuk melakukan root pada Nokia 3.2 dengan Magisk Patched Boot Image dengan mengikuti langkah-langkah di bawah ini.

A few days ago Nokia launched Nokia 3.2, this is one of the good middle class phones. After rooting Nokia 3.2 you can get some additional benefits. You can also install many Magisk modules such as Mods, fonts, themes to improve the performance of your device. But before you start processing your device's data backup, it deletes the full storage and one guarantee will be canceled after rooting the device.

Guid To Root Nokia 3.2 with Magisk Patched Boot Loader Image

Way To Root Nokia 3.2 Without TWRP

Here we share a complete guide to Rooting Nokia 3.2 without TWRP recovery. Before starting the process, make sure the bootloader of your device must be opened. First, we will create a boot.img patched using Canary Magisk and then flash boot.img.tar using the ADB Flash tool to root. If you have Nokia 3.2 and you want to boot your smartphone then read the complete guide to make it easier.

Download Nokia 3.2 Root Files

  • Before starting the rooting process do a complete backup, your device includes Applications, Contacts, Messages, Gallery files, Internal Storage Files.
  • Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Nokia Devices to connect your device in ADB, fast boot mode.
  • Open the Nokia 3.2 Bootloader from this guide.
  • Download Required Files and Reading Guide. 

Guide to Root Nokia 3.2 On Android Pie

  • Download stock firmware for your device. (Version should be similar on which your phone is running)
  • Then extract firmware.zip and copy the boot.img file to your device.
  • Now install the ‘Canary Patched Magisk‘ apk on your device and open it
  • After that select “Install ⇒ Install ⇒ select and patch file” option. 

  • Now select the boot.img file. Magisk Manager will patch all firmware files and save the results to [Internal Storage] /Download/magisk_patched.img.
  • Download "adb-fastboot-tool.zip" extract on the desktop.
  • Connect your device to the computer and copy "magisk_patched.img" on your desktop in the ADB folder.
  • Open the cmd window in the "adb-fastboot-tool" folder by Shift + Mouse Right-click.
Guide To Root Nokia 3.2 with Magisk Patched Boot Loader Image

Turn your device into Fastboot Mode and connect your phone with PC via USB.

    Using Volume Down + Power buttons. Either use below method (Optional).
    Connect your device with PC and enter the below command to boot Nokia 3.2 to fastboot mode.
     Now paste this command on command window and hit enter to Patched Boot Image.

fastboot flash boot boot.img

    The above command will flash Magisk on your phone.
    Reboot your phone and open Magisk Manager to manage root access and features.
    If you can’t find Magisk app then install Magisk Manager APK (as simple apk).
    That’s it now you can enjoy all the root features on your device. 

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