Vanced Alternative apps for Android – NewPipe, LibreTube AND More

 One of the most popular modded Vanced YouTube App is now discontinued after legal notice from google. Vanced officially published a deprecation notice on March 13th on their telegram channel, the old version will still work but they won't be releasing any new updates and will be removing the app from the official website. Now many Vanced users are looking for Vanced alternatives, and we have found many Vanced alternative apps for Android such as NewPipe, LibreTube, SkyTube, and several browser extensions and browsers.


We have found many YouTube mod Apps as alternative apps to Vanced Android Apps like NewPipe, LibreTube, SkyTube and many underdeveloped projects like VueTube. Here you can find all Vanced alternative modded YouTube Apps and will also add new projects in this article. We also added some browser and browser extensions to block YouTube ads, skip intros, skip promotions, and support the browser to play YouTube videos in the background.


Vanced alternative apps for Android – NewPipe, LibreTube


Why YouTube mod App?

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. It is a global platform that has a huge reach. YouTube is not just for videos anymore, but has grown into a social media platform with millions of users. 

The YouTube Modded app lets you watch videos and live streams on your mobile device while watching TV at the same time. You can also watch YouTube on your desktop or laptop computer by mirroring what's on your screen via Chromecast or Apple TV.

The Modded YouTube app offers several benefits:

1) You don't have to watch ads – you get access to an ad-free experience that doesn't interfere with your viewing experience

2) You can cast videos from YouTube directly to your TV and enjoy them in high quality

3) You can play YouTube Videos in back – Play YouTube Videos like Music Player

4) Skip the Intro and Promotion Section of the video

5) Some modified apps Revert Button Dislike YouTube


Vanced alternative apps for Android Devices 

Vanced alternative apps for Android – NewPipe, LibreTube

 NewPipe is a simple YouTube video player app that doesn’t use Google framework libraries or the YouTube API it is simply parsed to fetch the video from the YouTube web view. The app is still in beta mode but works all the functions. The main cons of the app are you cant login with your Google account you have to search video playlists to watch videos.


Top NewPipe Features:

    Support YouTube, SoundCloud, media.ccc, framatube, bandcamp
    No Login Required
    Play YouTube Videos in the background
    Block Sponsor Part
    Listen to YouTube videos
    Popup mode (floating player)
    Select streaming player to watch video with
    Download videos
    Download audio only
    Open a video in Kodi
    Show next/related videos
    Search YouTube in a specific language
    Watch/Block age restricted material
    Orbot/Tor support (not yet directly)
    1080p/2K/4K support
    Subscribe to channels
    Search/watch playlists
    Watch as enqueued playlists
    Local playlists
    Livestream support


2. LibreTube

Vanced alternative apps for Android – NewPipe, LibreTube

Here is another Vanced alternative app based on the LibreTube app on the Piped framework developed by GitHub user libre-tube, supporting most of the top Youtube features. The main feature of the application you can create an account and save your subscribed youtube channel playlists. Other top features like selecting youtube version country so you can see trending videos that are running. This app is still in beta, you may find bugs.

Top LibreTube Features:

    User Account
    Youtube country selection
    Play YouTube Videos in background
    Download videos
    Look for
    Search Suggestions


3. SkyTube 

Vanced alternative apps for Android – NewPipe, LibreTube

SkyTube is an open-source YouTube player for Android, without ads developed by SkyTubeTeam. With SkyTube you can block Channel, videos, Block low-view videos, Block high-dislike videos, and many more. The app supports Android 4.0 to Android 12 and will provide an update for the new android version.


Top SkyTube Features:

    Explore Featured and Most Popular videos.
    Browse YouTube channels.
    Play YouTube videos.
    Play YouTube Videos in the background
    View video comments.
    Search videos, music and channels.
    Channel subscription & non-intrusive notifications.
    Subscriptions feed.
    Import subscriptions from YouTube
    No ads.
    No need for Google/YouTube account to operate
    Not dependent on GApps/Google App
    Does not spy on your behaviour!


4. MusicPiped 

MusicPiped is a materialistic designed music player. It tries to be a music player that instead of playing music from local files streams them from YouTube. It is similar to YouTube Music in the sense that it searches and plays from YouTube.

Top VueTube Features:

    Search Youtube
    Background Playback
    Notification Control
    Audio Only Streaming
    AutoPlay Recommended (sync icon in playback screen)
    Material design
    Automatic cache management
    Import YouTube Playlist
    Custom Playlist
    General Music Player features (Shuffle,Repeat etc)
    Autogenerated Top Tracks, History/Last Played, etc

MusicPiped Link – GitHub

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